About Us


Our company is built on the principles of providing quality products and reliable services; the diversified range of our services continues to grow by following local/global trends and listening to the clients to improve our service levels.

Dedication to detail has established our place in the service industry. This allows us to make a distinctive and substantial benefit for our customers.

Our aim is to have a good rapport with each and every customer, therefore we provide a service that is professional, cost-effective and ones that deliver real benefits.

Understanding our client’s business, requirements and constraints is a critical part of what we do at Networxx Training & Consultancy (Pvt) Ltd. This understanding becomes the foundation for our relationships and ensures that everything we do centers around the client’s requirements and not just the technology.


Your agenda is our agenda!

We are a focused organization dedicated to delivering services to support our customers in all areas of Information Technology and Communications.  We ensure that our customers have the necessary requirements to run their businesses as smoothly as possible; with maximum efficiency, reliability, and quality of service.

Regardless of whether you need a short-term resource requirement or a major new project needing design, implementation, administration, and support- we can deliver. We aim to function as an integral part of your existing team or even become your team.

We understand that each and every customer has different requirements; from a single service to a multitude of different services. And as such, we do not insist that you use a “Packaged Service”, instead we ensure that we understand the requirements that need to be met prior to designing the right set of services for your business needs.

We value the opportunity to discuss any of your requirements in detail. Contact us directly by phone on 0094-777-728202. Alternatively, email your queries to [email protected].